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5 unsolved controversies of idols

1) EXO Chen - Kunta Kinte

2) EXO Chanyeol - offensive gesture

3) Pentagon Wooseok - phone background
"Pussy makes me smile I love the different colors of pussies and I don't care if the pussy is shaved or not"

4) Monsta X Wonho - phone lockscreen
(sexualized anime character)

5) Top Secret Kyungha - sexual harrassment


Pann: 5 unsolved controversies of idols

1. [+53, -1] That sexual harrassment controversy is really quiet. He should be thankful that he's unpopular.

2. [+40, -20] I wonder which fandoms downvoted this post.

3. [+33, -7] Why is everyone so quiet about Wooseok's phone background? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+24, -3] At first, I didn't know what Kunta Kinte was. I looked up and it was a black slave.

5. [+22, -34] + Rapmon when VIXX won #1 for the first time.

6. [+21, -3] But Chanyeol should be apologizing to his mother personally. I don't think he needs to make a public apology.

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