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Park Jin Young says he will debut 2nd Twice with only Japanese members

"This group is different from Twice. You can consider this project as Twice with only Japanese members. They will debut in the second half of next year the earliest or in 2020 the latest."

"A boy group 'Boy Story' is of 6 Chinese members whose average age is 13. They debuted 2 weeks ago. They charted #1 on QQ Music Video chart. I believe they're the future of K-pop."


Article: JYP, "We're producing 'Twice' of Japanese members only, will debut in 2020 the latest"

Source: E Daily via Naver

1. [+1811, -28] How is this K-pop when it's all Chinese members and Japanese members?

2. [+552, -55] He's out of his mind since he believes in a weird religion. Why is he focusing on foreigners, tsk tsk.

3. [+467, -23] There were Somi, Ryujin Yeji, Chaeryung, and etc. When are they going to debut, then? Is it because of Twice? Still, JYP should debut them before it's late.

4. [+307, -8] What are they doing when they have domestic trainees like Somi? What are they thinking? You don't need a group with only Japanese members.

5. [+193, -13] Twice's promotions should never be affected by this group's debut.

6. [+72, -1] It might be the future of JYP but not the future of K-pop.

7. [+45, -1] He cured the pain of the failure of American advancement by Twice's successful Japanese advancement. Now he's completely into the Japanese market since it brings money ㅋㅋ

8. [+46, -3] Twice's success is from luck rather than from Park Jin Young. If Six Mix debuted as it was originally planned, there wouldn't have been Twice. If the Japanese debut group debuted, there wouldn't have been Twice, either. Because both groups were cancelled, they roughly made a group Twice which happened to hit daebak. And yet he's talking as if he produced Twice with the strategy of mixing Korean and foreign members. The group he produced strategically was Miss A, not Twice.

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