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Oh My Girl's Japanese debut outfits

Pann: Oh My Girl's Japanese debut outfits

1. [+192, -4] Since Japan is into loli concepts, Oh My Girl is doing it on purpose with stuff like Banana Allergy Monkey. Adults cosplaying as kids with sexual contents is dirtier than young kids doing a sexy concept.

2. [+113, -1] What the hell is that

3. [+103, -4] What the hell is that... The members must be sad on the inside.

4. [+38, -1] I'm even feeling bad for Oh My Girl. They said they wanted to do a chic girl crush concept but what is their company doing? I'm so frustrated and mad.

5. [+36, -0] Since Secret Garden, they're looking really unique...

6. [+31, -0] Jiho said she wanted to be a beast-dol, not a beast.

7. [+30, -0] They should've continued Closer and Secret Garden concept. What is this random concept?

8. [+28, -0] Can they do an Oh My Boy concept with suits, dandy looks, blazer jackets, white shirts, black pants, and dress shoes? Fucking Lee Won Min.

9. [+26, -0] B1A4's previous coordi?

10. [+23, -0] What the hell are they doing to these kids? Male-dominated sites are calling them a legal loli concept, yet they're not thinking properly?

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