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Legal social taboos in 34 OECD countries (2015)

Instiz: OECD countries that ban porno and prostitution

- I think today's Korea stands because those things were banned...

- The amount of countries that allows marrying a cousin is surprising... Banning porno is beyond stupid, though.

- Why ban abortion and gay marriage?

- I'm surprised Japan partially allows porno, I thought it'd be fully allowed

- Abortion and gay marriage need to be legal in Korea

- Australia started allowing gay marriage since last year!

- Isn't abortion partially allowed in Korea? I thought rape victims were allowed to get an abortion?
-- For rape victims, they can get an abortion within 24 weeks or pregnancy and they have to provide a legal document that says their pregnancy is from sexual crime.

- Marrying a cousin is legal? How can you develop romantic feelings with a cousin?

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