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Korean Youtuber under fire for performing ice bucket challenge on a kitten

"I asked him to meow if he wants to participate in it and he meowed."


Pann: Engineering Student Family's animal abuse

1. [+320, -3] Fuck, his reason is even more stupid.

2. [+319, -3] Ah fuck... You shouldn't even bathe a kitten because kittens can't control their body temperature. He's pouring iced water on that little thing, asshole... Psycho idiots.

3. [+309, -3] "Meow if you want you participate in it"... I know his audience is young but that's too much.

4. [+130, -1] Cats hate water and lowered temperature is very critical for them. Yet he's pouring iced water on the kitten... The size of the ice is quarter of the kitten's head. Is he gonna laugh if someone pours ice that's quarter the size of his head on him? How can some people find this cute?

5. [+125, -2] Sponsoring and donation isn't a trend ㅠㅠ It's not something that should be an entertainment content ㅠ ㅠ He should be donating revenues made from that video or go through the ice bucket challenge himself. I'm sure he adopted the kitten for Youtube contents, too. So disgusting and gross.

6. [+118, -0] This needs to be publicized.

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