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Suzy faces a lawsuit on youtuber Yang Yewon's incident

Article: Studio reps, "We will take legal actions" vs. JYP reps, "We will get legal consultations"

Source: Sports Choson via Naver

(Summary of the incident - Youtuber Yang Yewon confessed that a photo studio forced her to be a model for sexual photos. People started a petition for an investigation of the studio & Suzy posted supporting posts on her Instagram including how to join the petition. After Suzy's post, the speed of the petition growth increased by 10 times. But it got revealed that the accused studio was already sold & bought by a new owner who isn't related to this incident. The owner is expressing that they're suffering heavy damages financially and socially.)

1. [+15149, -2578] I don't understand why they're putting the responsibility on Suzy. The name of the studio was already all over community sites at dawn. It's irony that Suzy has to be responsible when she didn't even name the studio. They should be suing the guilty studio, then.

2. [+5639, -874] What did Suzy do wrong? It's not like she mentioned the studio name.

3. [+5091, -565] Thanks to Suzy, more people know that the studio is innocent. Suzy doesn't deserve to be sued.

4. [+4330, -558] Their mindset is weird. They should sue the person who sold the studio to them, not Suzy.

5. [+1680, -204] JYP, please get to work instead of hiding behind your artist.


Article: Ones Picture reps, "We have nothing to do with Yang Yewon's incident... We will take civil suits against Suzy"

Source: Xports News via Nate

1. [+4703, -1530] Why should Suzy be responsible? She didn't reveal the studio name. They want her to be responsible because she's a famous figure? They want a compensation?

2. [+4053, -1476] How is this Suzy's fault? If she was wrong, then she was wrong. What's with the civil suits?

3. [+2724, -1485] I knew they'd sue her. Suzy was rash.

4. [+293, -119] It's like how the giant sponge cake flopped because of a TV show. The content of the show was revealed to be false but the cake business still flopped. It's the same situation for the studio, Suzy is at fault.

5. [+269, -62] On Suzy's SNS, the name of the studio was revealed. That's why the influence of a famous figure could be dangerous. Suzy posted on SNS in good faith but it led to the innocent studio getting sacrificed. I really like Suzy but she was rash with this incident. And her aftermath actions were not clean at all. I would've also sued her if I was the studio owner. Their studio was doing fine but their business is about to flop because they got falsely accused of a sexual crime. Do you think they'll just stay put? As a breadwinner of a family, you can't just stay quiet.


Article: [Official statement] JYP reps, "Suzy apologized to Ones Picture... We will follow legal advice"

Source: Xports News via Nate

1. [+3074, -753] Suzy only wanted to help the investigation going but she'll have to take legal responsibilities... She should've been more thoughtful considering her influence. It's sad that her good intentions are buried ㅠㅠ

2. [+2761, -852] Suzy did it in good faith but it caused an unintentional damage. Before Suzy apologized on SNS, she tried to apologize personally but the studio told her to do it through a lawyer. I think Suzy tried her best.

3. [+2123, -595] So Suzy tried to apologize personally before she apologized on SNS on the 19th.

4. [+187, -81] So many innocent people got damaged because of famous figures' mistakes. Actor Kim Young Ae's business flopped because of the PD Lee Young Don's mistake. The story on the giant sponge cake wasn't true but the cake still flopped and the business holders got into debt. Suzy is responsible for flopping a business.

5. [+166, -52] People shielding Suzy give me goosebumps. Whether she did it in good faith or not, she didn't even research properly before running her fingers carelessly. Because of that, a business is suffering a big damage. Yet all you need is an apology? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Pann: Suzy is likely to be sued

1. [+109, -40] But it's true that Suzy was a bit rash with this one... It would've been fine if Suzy supported Yang Yewon after knowing more details.

2. [+89, -81] Rather than Suzy, shouldn't the studio sue the person who started the petition? Suzy didn't intent to flop a studio, she encouraged the petition because she felt for Yang Yewon.

3. [+71, -20] I got so shocked that people thought Suzy did a good thing because she still made it a big issue. So you think it's OK even though it's false? What nonsense is that?

4. [+48, -9] I really don't like it when celebrities express their opinions on social issues on their SNS. Because Suzy was acting rash, the studio owner is about to go into debt. Smart celebrities who went to top universities like Kim Tae Hee never come forward to social issues. It's always these celebrities without proper knowledge like Suzy who act rash... Same to Yoo Ah In.

5. [+44, -7] She did it in good faith but she doesn't care about the damage it caused? The "if false, then nevermind" mentality is disgusting.

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