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Life of middle-class Koreans in 2015

The average monthly income of families of four members is ($3756). Those that earn 50~150% of the average income ($1878~$5634) fall under the middle-class, which is 65.4% of the total population.

- Owns a 102m² apartment
- 62% owns a midsize vehicle
- Spends $374 on education per child per month

Daily life
- Sleeps for 6.7 hours
- 2 of 3 skips breakfast
- 44% uses their own car to go to work
- Drinks 2 cups of coffee per day
- Spends $6.2 for lunch
- Half of them works 5 days a week for 8.2 hours a day

Family / hobbies
- Spends 1.7 hours with their family per day
- TV (97 minutes), Internet (92 minutes), smartphone (84 minutes)
- Half of them did not have an overseas vacation in the last 3 years
- Their cultural activities (e.g. watching a movie) are 0.9 times per month
- Eats out with their family 2.3 times per month
- Spends $63 per family dine-out


Instiz: Average life of our country's middle class

- I'm from a middle class family and my education cost was 2~3 time more than that...

- The thing on overseas vacation is correct because I can save up and travel overseas whenever I want but for my parents, they have to work so it's hard for them to have an overseas trip...

- The 102m² apartment depends on the region

- So you're a rich-class if you earn more than $5630? Doesn't feel like it

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