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Korean franchises have to pay more to play music in their stores

Article: Will there be no more recent music at cafes and bakeries... "Pay 10 billion won more"

Source: SBS via Nate

With a new law, the franchises will have to pay $4~60 for "performing rights" to play music in their stores starting August 23. On top of that, Korea Music Copyright Association is also demanding the franchises to pay 2~10 billion won for the last 5 years of playing music.

1. [+2281, -64] Those assholes are greedy. They need to undergo a tax investigation!

2. [+1928, -74] I miss the feelings when there used to be dance music playing on the street in the 90's.

3. [+1526, -81] As someone who doesn't watch TV and doesn't download music, the cafe is the only place where I get to listen to recent music. Are they insane?

4. [+135, -6] They're not even considering the fact that music playing on the street helps to promote the songs. A lot of people don't actively seek recent music, they hear songs randomly, like them, and buy them.

5. [+124, -4] From the singers' perspective, isn't it beneficial for their songs to be playing in stores? If their songs are playing here and there, it'll be exposed to the public and those who don't watch TV or listen to music will find out about them. If songs are unknown because of the copyrights, the singers will lose more.

6. [+107, -3] "Popular music" is meaningless if the public doesn't listen to it. It's not wrong to protect copyrights but shouldn't they be flexible to make it a win-win situation? There are a lot of year-end award shows and the shows are going to be their own parties.

7. [+96, -0] Just play classical music, then. It feels calm when classical music is playing in a coffee shop.

8. [+83, -5] This is why I stopped playing music in my gym. I'm also going to take down the speakers. The customers only need the TV and everybody exercises with earphones anyways. If I'm not playing music, they won't demand me to pay, will they? It's been a while since I stopped playing music but no one has complained. They actually said they like how quiet it is.

9. [+80, -2] Yeah, we can live quietly... What's the point of paying so much money to play music? Was it good to have no Christmas songs on the street in December? It ruined the business of Christmas songs. Recent songs are trash that disappear within a few years. They're not worth any penny. They should be paying me for listening to them instead ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+76, -2] It's not like the artists are going to the stores to perform but they're demanding to be paid for performing rights. I wonder what they'll demand next time.

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