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Jung Hae In ranked #1 on reputation ranking of drama actors for May

Reputation ranking of drama actors for May

1) Jung Hae In
2) Son Ye Jin
3) Jang So Yeon
4) Jang Dong Gun
5) Park Hyung Sik
6) Jung Yoo Jin
7) Joo Mi Kyung
8) Jung In Sun
9) Wang Bit Na
10) Han Ga In
11) Lee Sun Gyun
12) Kim Myung Min
13) Go Sung Hee
14) Lee Yi Kyung
15) Jung Yoo Mi
16) Kim Hyun Joo
17) Han Go Eun
18) Choi Hee Seo
19) IU
20) Kam Woo Sung
21) Bae Sung Woo
22) Jang Mi Hee
23) Lee Kwang Soo
24) Kim Sun Ah
25) Lee Yoo Bi
26) Hong Soo Hyun
27) Go Won Hee
28) Goo Jae Yee
29) Shin Hyun Bin
30) Yoo Dong Geun


Article: 'Pretty Noona' Jung Hae In #1 actor brand for May... #2 is Son Ye Jin

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+1117, -358] I hope Son Ye Jin starts working with actors who are at her level... Last year, she worked with So Ji Sub and Hyun Bin but now she's getting into unnecessary messes because she chose to work with Jung Hae In... When Son Ye Jin was on Baeksang red carpet, Jung Hae In appeared out of nowhere to get photos taken with her, which was done by his own will without discussing with her.

2. [+885, -226] Center Jung

3. [+672, -149] His articles are always pouring out. Isn't it obvious? ㅋㅋ

4. [+103, -28] I will never miss the center position, either.

5. [+102, -33] The hate he's getting is only this much because he's a male celebrity and he has fangirls shielding him ㅋㅋ He should be glad. If a female celebrity did this, she would've gotten enough hate to be exiled from the industry.

6. [+86, -26] He's ranked higher than Son Ye Jin? The power of fangirls is amazing.

7. [+84, -108] It's not like he committed a big crime. People are being too mean. Because he's popular, jealous people are bashing him hard. His wrongdoing doesn't deserve this much criticisms. I'm starting to question the haters' purpose.

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