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Learning a language as a hobby

Article: Say bye to the English-obsessed generation... Do you know 'language healing people'?

Source: Hangyeorae via Naver

(Article talks about people learning a language other than English as a hobby)

1. [+2928, -33] It's fun if you do it as a hobby. It's stressful if you do it for specs.

2. [+1954, -104] If you say "I'm learning German/Dutch/Swedish", there are so many people that will say "Why? Why would you learn something useless? Those people can speak English so you don't need to learn their language. You should study Spanish or Chinese instead since these speakers have a big population and it'll be beneficial." You can just like the sounds, the sentence structure, the idioms, or the social aspect to be interested in learning the language. Finding a language that you find enjoyable to study is as lucky as finding a true friend.

3. [+1137, -70] I'm learning Russian and Swedish as hobby. The Cyrillic script's pronunciation and writing are unfamiliar and hard but it's fun because there's no stress to improve in a short time like learning English. I find it interesting that there are many people like me.

4. [+789, -36] When a language learning is used for getting into a university, it doesn't seem easy or fun. But once you actually enjoy it, you'll find it interesting and fun. I also want to find a language that I can learn as a hobby, not as a tool for getting into a university.

5. [+222, -5] After going aboard, I saw that English is indeed the universal language... For example, when I shop at Italy, it's not like the workers speak Korean and I can't speak Italian, either. So I find myself communicating in English... And it's not like you can learn all languages of countries you go to ㅋㅋ

6. [+217, -5] Even if we weren't obsessed with English, we still have to learn English because knowing English makes life easier.

7. [+227, -16] Learning a language is can only be beneficial. The more languages you know, the bigger your knowledge gets. English is a must. Not English as a tool for getting into a university but English as a language. Instead of calling it toadyism, just study English.

8. [+193, -4] English is a universal language. It's a fact that English is important.

9. [+190, -8] English is a must.

10. [+98, -2] I studied aboard as an exchange student when I was in university. I thought it was a useless experience, but it saved me when I went on overseas business trips. English is a must.

11. [+93, -2] Opposite for me, that's how I'm learning English. Wrestling with sentences and looking up the words I don't know... It makes me forget all the worries and concerns.

12. [+79, -3] Usually, those who can speak English are the ones that learn a third language.

13. [+70, -4] I think Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people's English level is the worst in the world. Educated South East Asians can speak English well. The people who live in countries that don't need to speak English will never speak English well.

14. [+57, -5] Once you learn different languages, you'll realize how easy English is. There isn't any language that's as easy as English. French has much more expressions than English. French listening is really difficult. Spanish has crazy linking verbs. Learning Latin's declensions made me swear so hard. The rate of illiteracy must've skyrocketed during the Roman Age. Chinese sounds very off if you get the intonation wrong. But once you learn Vietnamese's 6 tones, you find Chinese's 4 tones easy. You can't even distinguish the 6 tones. Esperanto is easy but there's no one who uses it. Arabic vowels are very hard to distinguish and it's hard to read. Russian is easier than expected because it doesn't have articles but the conjugations are difficult. German has difficult articles. Italian is easy.

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