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[Begin Again 2] Roy Kim says he was cast by SM before

(totoro, I looked for 'Begin Again 2' articles for you and this was the only commented article I could find for the recent episode! Hope you see this :P)

Article: 'Begin Again 2' Roy Kim, "I was cast by SM in the past"

Source: Sports Choson via Nate

1. [+709, -43] Roy Kim should take care of the remaining fans he has instead of asking for new fans. He had so many fans on Superstar K because the show made a good image for him but 80% of his fans have left the fandom. Doesn't he understand? Arrogant attitude, acting like a rip-off of Kim Kwang Suk, repetitive songs and stages... He doesn't even know how to thank his fans... If he was an idol, he would've gotten hated to death for his "female energy" statement already.

2. [+594, -48] Roy Kim's sunbaes also see that his face and talent are not that good ㅋㅋ I can feel he's not welcomed on the show ㅋㅋ His songs are really boring, too.

3. [+500, -24] I used to be a fan but he's not an idol material. He always has silent fights with his fans. He knows most of his fans are female but he says he doesn't like women because women are jealous of pretty women that are popular by men ㅋㅋ He's really rude to his fans. I was disappointed by his songs as well but I left his fandom eventually because of his bad personality.

4. [+109, -5] The way Roy Kim talks is quite off. I can't define it in one word but he's annoying? His personality and attitude show in the way he talks.

5. [+85, -3] I was a fan of him since Superstar K. I liked how a twenty-year-old was singing Kim Kwang Suk's songs and went to his concerts often. I didn't leave the fandom even when he was accused of plagiarism. But as his fans would know, most of the fans left the fandom by now like the top comment is saying. When he went on Superstar K and debuted, he was very polite and thankful to his fans. But his attitude turned rude and arrogant ㅋㅋ I thought he was a modest good person like Eric Nam but not at all. He became so unlikeable. On Superstar K, his image was a well-mannered perfect guy but he screwed it all up. He's the one who made his fans leave.

6. [+85, -4] He's uncomfortable to watch because he's so arrogant. His comments during busking and how he acts to the sunbaes are rude. He must think he's acting friendly but they're sunbaes of 20 years, ugh...

7. [+85, -4] Why did Roy Kim get cast, though? He ruined the Oasis songs... I got embarrassed. He ruins every English song. Kim Yoon Ah has great vocalization and Yoon Gun has a good voice, Roy Kim looked really lacking compared to them.

8. [+85, -4] Why is he so arrogant? He was saying Bohemian when they were introducing Lee Sun Kyu. You think a sunbae of 20 years is your friend?

9. [+83, -7] How can Roy Kim ruin the quality of the show like this?

10. [+81, -5] I don't know him well but I was surprised when he said "Those people are lucky to be watching our stage for free." It could be a joke but I saw zero modesty in that.

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