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SHINee Jonghyun's death

Pann: Jonghyun at his last concert

1. [+465, -2] He's trying to capture everything in his eyes.

2. [+260, -1] Wow... When I saw this gif on Twitter, I thought he was just looking at the fans with honey-dripping eyes... It looks so sad now.

3. [+251, -1] I really want him to come back even if he wouldn't promote anymore... He could live as a non-celebrity Kim Jonghyun, not a public figure Kim Jonghyun. I want him to wake up as if nothing happened... I'm getting so teary.

4. [+177, -0] His bitter expression says "Ah... this is the last. I'll never hear this screaming and never see this stage again." Aigo, Jonghyun-ah ㅠㅠ

5. [+142, -0] Jonghyun cried at every concert except this one... Why... Why...

SHINee DC Gallery:
"When Jonghyun has a comeback, let's support him with no regrets. I still feel really sorry for She Is promotions. I bought the album and streamed hard but the atmosphere at that time still breaks my heart. Let's pour everything into the next comeback. Hwaiting everyone."


Pann: SHINee DC Gallery post at 1PM

1. [+454, -8] Wow it's so shocking... It's scarily shocking... This is the most shocking celebrity death I've heard. I feel so bad.

2. [+385, -2] I went to the gallery after hearing the news. It made me tear up...

(Fans on DC Gallery were confused right after the breaking news)

3. [+296, -1] Please, Jonghyun. Please... I'm still listening to your song. Just be alive, please...

4. [+225, -2] Life is comedy from afar and tragedy from close.

5. [+209, -1] SM is inhuman if they post EXO's teaser soon. I'm a fan of an SM artist so I know how greedy they are but they better cancel all of the plans including EXO's comeback and let the artists take a break.


Pann: I love you Jonghyun until the end

1. [+486, -2] I can't even imagine how hard it was for him. I can only cry.

2. [+388, -3] Rest in peace. I still can't believe it.

3. [+366, -3] It won't comfort him but I hope he finds strength. He struggled more than anyone else. He'll be happy in heaven.

4. [+247, -0] The smell of burning coal is really strong. How lonely he must've felt as he was inhaling the strong smell alone in the room. Just thinking about it makes me cry.

5. [+144, -2] ... There's nothing that'll make it better but I hope all Shawols find strength.


Pann: The phenomenon that fans die following a celebrity's death

1. [+215, -0] It's the Werther effect. The problem is that it'll also affect the artists who were close to him, not just the fans. I hope SM makes a wise decision.

2. [+209, -1] It was the same for Choi Jin Sil's death. Her manager, her dongsaeng, and even her ex-husband died... At that time, the suicide rate increased suddenly. I'm also worried this time...

3. [+156, -2] Jung Joon Young lost two of his close people this year. I hope he stays strong.

4. [+102, -1] I'm really worried about Jung Joon Young... I hope people around him take care of him. I also hope SM takes care of the artists' mental health. I'm mostly worried about his family and SHINee members...

5. [+97, -0] Am I the only one who's seriously worried about Jung Joon Young? He lost two people this year. Both were close to him and he depended a lot on them... Of course, I'm also worried about fans.

Jonghyun: "I got home after work. Entering the empty space, it doesn't feel like I'm home. For me, home is where noona, mom, and Roo are at. I miss you."


Pann: Jonghyun's Twitter makes me teary...

1. [+269, -3] He's a famous celebrity. Imagine him being at the concert and hearing all the screaming and then going home where no one is waiting. Even for us, going home alone after hanging out with friends feels depressing...

2. [+195, -1] Money can't fill an empty feeling. You get depressed and start questioning what the point is for earning all that money...

3. [+171, -1] I see... He must've gained wealth but lost happiness... He looked happy to me but I guess he actually wasn't...

4. [+57, -1] A star has left.

5. [+54, -0] How it must've been for him to die behind all the fans... The fans must've been his pride when he was alive but a burden when he was dying.


Pann: What about Im Nayoung

(She appeared on V app for her birthday at the time of Jonghyun's news. At first, she didn't seem to be aware of it, but as the fans were telling her by commenting, she smiled and ended the broadcast much faster than usual)

1. [+332, -3] On her birthday, she lost someone who was her role model.

2. [+181, -0] I thought she read the comments but kept broadcasting with a smile, but she ended the broadcast all of a sudden... She was smiling for the fans but must've felt so messy inside.

3. [+154, -0] The timing though ㅠㅠ She turned on V app at the same time the breaking news were out.

4. [+87, -1] So she'll have to appear on V app for her birthday every year when it's also the day of her star's death ㅠㅠ

5. [+79, -1] I'm also worried about Hoshi. He's famous for being a successful fan of SHINee. He lost a sunbae who treasured and liked him... I can't even speak.

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