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Red Velvet's win on Inkigayo doesn't make sense?

#1 nominees on Inkigayo were Naul, Red Velvet, and Melomance. Red Velvet won #1 by having a full Youtube score (3500). BTS' 'Mic Drop' wasn't nominated.

Youtube views from Nov 26 6PM to Dec 3 6PM:
BTS: 22,698,140
Red Velvet: 5,891,966

The Youtube scores should've been:
BTS: 3500 (full score)
Red Velvet: 908

The total scores for #1 nominees should've been:
Naul: 5916
Red Velvet: 5703
Melomance: 4990

1) BTS should've been nominated since they charted within top 150 on Gaon.
2) Even if BTS wasn't nominated, Naul should've won #1, not Red Velvet.


Pann: Please give a feedback to Red Velvet's win on Inkigayo

1. [+202, -6] To those who are claiming that they only count songs within top 30 - BTS' results for this week are much better than last week's. They were #6 last week already. I don't have problems with Red Velvet winning #1 but stop coming up with nonsense.

2. [+189, -9] It is weird. They would've won #1 only with BTS' Youtube score and Twice/Black Pink's popularity.

3. [+167, -8] BTS' results for this week are better than last week... And since when did they ever say they only consider top 30?

4. [+94, -2] The OP isn't saying that BTS should've won #1. They're saying that Red Velvet could never get a full Youtube score because BTS' Youtube views are a wall. Therefore, Naul should've won #1.

5. [+87, -2] Right now all of the online communities are going crazy and calling it a manipulation. Inkigayo needs to give a feedback.

6. [+78, -1] I'm sure this is written by a Naul fan. Naul fans are already going crazy on other sites. How can you tell that this is written by an Army?

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