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MoonMoon's 'Contrail' climbs back on the chart despite plagiarism issues

Pann: A plagiarized song that's climbing back on the chart

1. [+152, -0] He copied the song first and then negotiated it later.

2. [+141, -0] He acted shameless at first and then apologized later when the song started to chart high.

3. [+119, -0] He copied the song and became controversial. Later, he said in an interview that it was OK to be inspired. He should've mentioned before that the song was inspired... MoonMoon has a lot of good songs but that one song just ended up popular...

4. [+77, -0] When MoonMoon worked at a Chinese restaurant, IU came as a customer. He wrote her a note and asked her to listen to Contrail which is the plagiarized song. Soon after, IU introduced the song on a radio and people started to listen to it. Jungkook has also sang the song before so it was known to young kids as well. People's fates are so interesting.

5. [+64, -1] His past Facebook

(He posted a picture of himself sitting on a seat for pregnant women)

6. [+57, -1] He would've gotten so much hate if he was an idol ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+50, -1] People called him out on Melon and he took screencaps of the comments, posted it on Instagram, and cosplayed as a victim. He said how he's a poor artist and that those comments were hurting him. He even deleted his apology later ㅋㅋ

8. [+48, -0] Hul, I'm so speechless. I was listening to a plagiarized song.

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