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Comparing L line & V line jaws

L line: Square/angular face (left), classy-looking
V line: Slim jaw (right), trendy-looking

Pictures of V line celebrities (left) & L line celebrities (right)

Pann: Charming jaw, L line

1. [+124, -4] For angular jaws, you have to have pretty and small facial features to look classy and pretty. If it's someone with messy facial features, they'll just look like they have a big face.

2. [+98, -1] You have to have a small head or a small face to look pretty with L line jaw.

3. [+92, -3] Those celebrities have good facial features and a small head, though.

4. [+79, -30] Honestly, V line is prettier...

5. [+77, -1] Not everyone with L line can look classy ㅋㅋ You have to have really pretty and clear facial features. Or else it looks really bad, which is my case.

6. [+70, -7] Women with L line look more classy and men with L line look more sexy... Those who look classy usually have L line jaws. When it comes to physiognomy, having a big jaw is also good for you. Looking trendy and classy are very different.

7. [+36, -2] Whether your jaw is V or L, it all depends on your looks.

8. [+35, -1] V line with a big face = horse face. L line with a big face = hopeless.

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