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'World Taekwondo' considers to reform the uniform with skinny design

Article: Skinny uniform vs. traditional uniform for taekwondo 'controversial'

Source: Choson ilbo via Nate

1. [+1067, -54] This is wrong. Taekwondo is about its traditional uniform. I don't agree with the idea of skinny uniform.

2. [+843, -43] Skinny uniform is too much. Changing the uniform for a new generation is fine but it shouldn't be skinny. Might as well wear a swimming suit.

3. [+769, -30] Traditional uniform is much better. The skinny uniform looks like a Western sport.

4. [+30, -2] Who the fuck came up with this idea? So pathetic.

5. [+20, -2] Is this for fencing?

6. [+20, -2] Are they really considering this to replace the traditional uniform? I feel like the pants are gonna be ripped with a kick... And they're gonna wear a protective cup on the top of that, hul... I just got the stupid image in my head.

7. [+15, -2] Of course it should be the traditional uniform!!!

8. [+15, -2] Is this a bribe?

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