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Taemin says SHINee will return as 5 members one day... controversial?

Taemin's ending comment at today's concert in Japan
"It's an honor to be able to perform here at Dome... (omitted)... I think this stage was possible thanks to you guys. Please don't forget this feeling. One day, we will be five members again and come back as a whole, let's meet again then."


Pann: Taemin's controversial statement that supports Onew

1. [+155, -87] It's a big scandal and it hasn't even been a month since the reflection. What's with Taemin? Was the scandal a light issue to be saying that? How dumbfounding.

2. [+139, -79] The victim must be really dumbfounded.

3. [+127, -98] I didn't know Taemin was like this. Goosebumps.

4. [+88, -22] I'm not a fan but do you expect him to say "Don't think about seeing Onew because he's a really bad jerk" to the fans? Why are you dragging him for something he said to the fans? It's not an official interview or anything.

5. [+65, -21] You're criticizing him for nothing.

6. [+61, -17] I'm a non-fan but whether Onew's action was right or wrong, the fans must want to support him. Why can't Taemin say that when he was doing the concert without the leader? It would've been better if he didn't mention this at all but you shouldn't bash him for it. Onew is a fellow member that he promoted together for 10 years and he's also struggling from it. He didn't mention Onew directly and said 5 members. I'm baffled that he's getting criticized.

7. [+48, -10] How is his comment supporting Onew? It's not like he said Onew isn't at fault ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Besides, he's just reading the script for the members. Don't just target Taemin.

8. [+35, -44] I thought he was likeable. This is so disappointing.

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