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Idols who are confirmed for 'The Unit'

MC - Rain

MBK Ent - Dia Yebin & Somyi

Starship Ent - Boyfriend

DWM Ent - Areum from T-ara

Happy Face Ent - Dal Shabet Serri & Woohee

Brand New Music - Kanto

Brave Ent
Brave Girls Yoojung, Eunji, Jina
Bigstar Feel Dog, Raehwan, Jude, Sunghak

Universal - Boys' Republic

Yang Jiwon from Spica

Mafia Records Ent - Wassup Nari, Jiae

JSL Ent - TopSecret (except Wooyoung)

Mint from Tiny G

Nam Sanghyuk

E.HO Ent - MR. MR

PR Ent - Baba

Trivus Ent - 1NB Hajung, Leeda


Instiz: Idols who are confirmed for 'The Unit'

- Yang Jiwon was caught drowsy driving though... And a TopSecret member who looks like Kim Goeun is also controversial.

- MR. MR... I really like their songs and I still listen to them ㅠㅠ

- Some of them debuted this year...

- I was shocked because I thought Rain was also the cast. I hope they all do well..

- Seeing Boyfriend breaks my heart... They have a lot of good songs ㅠㅠ

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