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Han Seo Hee's revelations on live Instagram + her "feminism"

1) His penis is smaller than a MAC (lipstick)
2) She dated him. He has a weird personality.
3) She was in prison for months. She got into a fight with an ajumma there in her 50's.
4) She doesn't like idols.
5) She's been a feminist for a year and goes on feminist sites (tn: the sites she named have bad reputation)
6) She searches up her name a lot.
7) She was asked which cigarette she smoked and she showed the viewers.
8) When she was in high school, she posted, "You guys can't do this with your oppa, can you~?" She said she did it because she was upset with idol fans. She admitted that she was an attention seeker back then and wanted to show off that she was close to idols.
9) She didn't have to be jailed since it was her first offense but she was jailed because of him.
10) He hit on her first by contacting through her friends.
11) She'll sue sexual insults and rumors spreading on male-dominated sites.

(Wearing a feminist shirt to the court)
She also calls men 'hannam' (misandrist term towards Korean men)

Her facebook comment: "Pff, why should I be nice to you people~~ You fucking beggars~~ All you can do is get horny and fap, lol~~"


Instiz: Marijuana scandal Han Seo Hee's legendary stories

- She's neither a girl crush or a feminist, she's just a feminazi and a criminal

- If she found his personality weird, then she could've just broken up with him earlier ㅋㅋㅋ Yet she's still blaming him for sending her to jail... I can see that she's not reflecting at all

- I don't understand what's happening to the idol industry these days... Starting from lolita

- She's a criminal ㅋㅋ I feel bad for the members who'll debut with her...

- Are people still gonna defend her?

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