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Bolbbalgan4 articles & Melon reviews put other artists down?

Article: Bolbbalgan4 who surpassed BTS and pushed IU away, 'super great'

Article: Bolbbalgan4 even pushed G-Dragon away... All-kills the chart with 'We Loved'

Article: Surpassed Bigbang and Goblin... Unbeatable Bolbbalgan4

Article: Bolbbalgan4 surpasses IU and ranks #1 on six charts... 'digital monster' proved


Pann: Their company is gross

1. [+103, -13] GD's Untitled got better results than Bolbbalgan4's new song. They're downplaying other artists too much. Their company is making Bolbbalgan4 unlikeable.

2. [+101, -1] Their company is shit. I don't want to bash the artist. If you look at their comeback dates, you'll see that they're intending something... Of course, the release dates are all different but it's even more suspicious because it's always with big digital artists like Bigbang, GD, and IU. But they never release on the same day as them. And trashy journalists are picking up fights between a rookie artist and veteran artists. I know they're trying to get more pageviews but if I were a fan, I would be really mad to see headlines like that. The public is used to public-friendly artists' voices and albums whereas Bolbbalgan4 is just starting out so I think their freshness gives them more advantage. We never know what will happen to Bolbbalgan4. We have so many good singers in this country and we had just discovered Bolbbalgan4. Just like their case, we will have another digital rookie monster in the future. But we get articles that compare the artists and make the situation awkward, ugh.

3. [+83, -1] I remember this ㅋㅋ My friend is a fan of GD and that article was on the main page. She hated it so much.

4. [+39, -2] I'm tired of their songs now. I think their new song will be the same repetitive stuff... I'll skip them.

5. [+37, -1] Their fans are also leaving nasty comments on IU articles. I feel bad.


Most upvoted reviews of Bolbbalgan4 on Melon

[+589, -380] Upvote for Bolbbalgan4 (whose b-sides also deserve to be title tracks) vs. downvote for EXO (dawn artist, daesang for 5 years, half of the members are actors). Who truly deserves daesang? Do EXO fans know that they're the ones that are ruining EXO? They've been winning daesangs for 5 years with their little league and...

[+198, -136] Poor BTS, three digital monsters just had comebacks... Now it'll be hard for them to manipulate the digital chart at dawn. Just admit it and give up.

[+66, -48] BTS = dawn artist. Agree?

[+28, -29] EXO and BTS fans need to learn that a #1 song isn't made by fans. A #1 song becomes #1 by itself.

[+20, -15] It looks good to see non-idols at #1, 2, and 3.

Pann: Downplaying idols in Bolbbalgan4's reviews

1. [+225, -5] That's pure jealousy. They're not criticizing the music and are only leaving insults. Gross.

2. [+204, -3] They're not judging the songs. They're just insulting the artists.

3. [+174, -3] The Melon reviews are hopeless. Even though they're voicing their opinions, I don't think they should offend other artists and fans like that. Melon reviews are getting worse... Instead of praising the songs, they're just putting down other artists ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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