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The entertainment industry is mysterious?

Pann: Isn't the entertainment industry really mysterious?

1. [+377, -14] There's a reason why it's also called 'fancy prostitution'.

2. [+351, -11] The entertainment industry is the dirtiest after the government. Isn't it an enough explanation?

3. [+346, -2] People shield without knowing anything but male celebrities also have sponsors ㅋㅋㅋㅋ When a female celebrity becomes suddenly popular, she gets sponsor rumors but when it's a male celebrity, people don't say anything.

4. [+245, -5] It's weird how Laboum Solbin became popular so fast. Is she one of them? She's on every show and even hosted the election.

5. [+207, -9] Every industry is dirty, not just the entertainment industry ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don't view them like a corrupted bunch. Do you think they're the only one? They look more shocking because they sell delusions.

6. [+195, -9] Even non-celebrities have sponsors and do drugs. Starting from the government, the entire system is corrupted in Korea.

7. [+166, -2] TOP got caught because he was unlucky. I don't think TOP is the only one.

8. [+161, -1] Remember Lee Joon's legendary saying, "The entertainment industry is animal kingdom." He was actually saying it nicely. It must be beyond our imaginations.

9. [+157, -3] I'm suspicious of actors who are bad at acting but only do lead roles.

10. [+135, -2] The fact that men and women in their mid-20's do aegyo and pretending to be innocent is scary enough ㅋㅋ Look at people in their mid&late-20's. Are they innocent? At that age, they must be tired with their lives. And celebrities start working earlier than non-celebrities. It makes me speechless how the fans still call a 27-year-old '27 months old' and call him a baby.

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