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Korea suffers from intense summer

Days of summer in Seoul: 94 days (1910), 103 days (1960), 142 days (2016)


Article: The peninsula is hotter, 142 days are 'summer'

Source: Donga Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1828, -53] I wish it would rain a lot so that the drought would be cleared.

2. [+1558, -68] The four seasons of Korea: summer, really hot summer, winter, real cold winter.

3. [+1130, -57] Now a half of the year is summer, not 142 days. There's no spring/fall anymore.

4. [+728, -35] Regions that were already subtropical must be hell.

5. [+493, -22] Summer summer summer summer winter winter.

6. [+101, -4] It's so much hotter. In the 90's, the hot days were only during the summer season but now it's summer as soon as winter's over. The fall season has disappeared a long time ago...

7. [+84, -2] Global warming is a serious problem.

8. [+73, -2] When I was young, I used to be shocked when Daegu reached 30C. But now 30C is a standard temperature anywhere...

9. [+77, -4] In the past, staying in a shade was cool enough because no matter how hot it was, it wasn't humid. But these days, summer is extremely humid. It's driving me crazy.

10. [+60, -4] Why is it never raining?!! And why is it so humid!!!

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