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I-fans of NU'EST send rice wreaths to 'Produce 101', problematic?

Pann: The problems of NU'EST's i-fans' rice wreaths

1) It's a stage to judge all the trainees, not NU'EST's concert
2) The slogan says they wish the members would debut but still mention the group name 'NU'EST'
3) They also put a picture of other member who's not on the show

1. [+409, -430] I really hate how three NU'EST members are in the debut group.

2. [+392, -20] I'm a fan of Pledis but this needs to be bashed. What the hell are they doing? Do they not consider other trainees? How can they do this? And a picture of Aron? Are they crazy? I'm glad they blocked i-roaches from voting. I'm a fellow fan but I don't want to shield them. Let's bash them so that they wouldn't do this anymore.

3. [+322, -13] Why did they put a picture of a member who's not even on the show? Do they think this is for picking 7 new members of NU'EST? Sending rice wreaths is bad enough. They could've just said 'Pledis' and used a picture of the four trainees.

4. [+123, -49] They have so many fans, why don't they just debut separately?

5. [+116, -34] They're lucky enough to have i-fans that will stupidly send rice wreaths for them.

6. [+105, -67] I-fans stupidly sent rice wreaths -> People don't like seeing three NU'EST members in the debut group? Where is the connection? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+101, -36] What is this... so frustrating. Why don't they just debut as NEWNU'EST?

8. [+91, -34] NU'EST has been around for 6 years and they have much more fans. It's truly unfair. The point of Produce 101 is to debut trainees who have no debut experiences. NU'EST should just have a comeback instead.

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