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Songs that hit daebak with their new owners

To Heaven (Jo Sung Mo) - Han Sung Ho (FNC CEO)

Up & Down (EXID) - Jessie

One More Time (Jewelry) - MC Mong

Crazy (Son Dambi) - Ivy

Something (Girl's Day) - Hyorin

Festival (Uhm Jung Hwa) - Country Kkokko

On The Street (Sung Si Kyung) - Yangpa

Black Glasses (Eru) - Park Myung Soo

Into the New World (SNSD) - MILK

Loveable (Kim Jong Kook) - Can

Saldaga (SG Wannabe) - Vibe

That Man That Woman (Vibe) - Seeya

Omona (Jang Yoon Jung) - Joo Hyun Mi, Song Dae Kwan, etc


Instiz: Songs that hit daebak with their new owners

- Some of the songs still would've hit big with their original singers

- Oh, I want to see Hyorin singing Something

- I can't imagine MC Mong singing One More Time ㅋㅋㅋ

- SG Wannabe's Saldaga would've still sounded good with Vibe

- On The Street has to be sung by Sung Ballad

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