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[Produce 101] Shocking facts on the participants & controversial "concert group"

Pann: These were the three most shocking facts of Produce 101

Haknyeon is Hong Kong mixed
Kim Yongguk is Chinese
Yoo Sunho is 16

1. [+156, -8] Yoon Jisung is hyung line because he's 27.

2. [+134, -1] Yoon Jisung is 27, Kenta is 23, NU'EST is 23 (they've been around for a long time but still young), Justin is 180cm tall.

3. [+114, -1] Hong Kong mixed???? Chinese??? I had no idea... I knew Sunho was 16 but I was so shocked when I first found out.

4. [+90, -0] Out of the 98 people, Bae Jinyoung is the only one who's 18... I actually expected to see a lot of grade 11's.

5. [+74, -0] People don't seem to agree that Sunho looks older but for the sake of comparison, small Woojin is 15... Sunho is 16... Their ages are only different by one year... The difference between grade 8 and 9...

6. [+69, -19] The center looks like Park Jisun.

7. [+64, -0] I also find it interesting that Lee Daehwi is 17.

8. [+57, -0] Kim Dongbin is 180cm tall.

9. [+51, -1] I thought Kang Daniel was from the US because of his name. His Busan dialect really shocked me and turned me into a fan.

10. [+43, -0] I'm most shocked about the new concert group...


Pann: PD2 caused a legendary controversy

(The debut group will have 11 members from the ranks #1~11. The new "concert group" will have members from the ranks #12~35. The concert group will basically be the backup members for the debut group members when they have to be absent due to conflicting schedules and other reasons. Rumors say they'll also be promoting overseas to fill Mnet's deficit.)

1. [+38, -0] What's more scary is that they can't refuse to be in the group. Even if they have the right, they still can't. If a participant refuses to, Mnet will interfere his company's appearances. They won't be able to promote and they'll lose money, do you think they'll refuse what Mnet tells them to do? The company also has to consider their trainees and will not refuse it. Only the participants will suffer the damage. We have to stop the concert group.

2. [+34, -0] What the hell is this? I'm going to boycott. Let's not watch Produce 101... Concert group? Is this a joke? How is this a national idol group that the viewers pick? They're greedy for money.

3. [+13, -0] They should just stop with the 11 members. They want to earn more with the rest of the trainees...

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