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Most read mangas at manga cafe in 2016

10) Bleach
Action/fantasy, 72 books total (unfinished)

9) Detective Conan
Crime/mystery, 89 books total (unfinished)

8) Haikyu
Sports/academy, 21 books total (unfinished)

7) Attack on Titan
Action/adventure/fantasy, 20 books total (unfinished), before the fall

6) Ruler of the Land
Adventure/fantasy, 82 books total (unfinished)

5) One Piece
Adventure, fantasy, 82 books total (unfinished)

4) One Punch Man
Action/fantasy/comic, 11 books total (unfinished)

3) Assassination Classroom
Action/academy/comic, 19 books total (unfinished)

2) Nisekoi
Innocence/comic, 24 books total (unfinished)

1) Tokyo Ghoul
Adventure/fantasy, 14 books total (finished), Tokyo Ghoul:re


Instiz: 10 most read mangas at manga cafe in 2016

- I always read Kasane at a manga cafe. I should try Haikyu! Is it good?

- Oh... Tokyo Ghoul at #1... And everybody should check out Assassination Classroom ㅠㅠ

- Yes, Tokyo Ghoul is really popular... Nisekoi was unexpected though.

- Haikyu!!!

- Tokyo Ghoul... Kaneki...sobs

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