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Hanlim Arts High School graduates won't have verified educational status?

Pann: Is this true about Hanlim Arts High School?

(Pann talks about Hanlim Arts HS graduates ending up as middle school graduates if they don't graduate from universities)

1. [+333, -83] If you really want to pursue arts, study hard and go to arts schools like Kyewon, Deokwon, Anyang, Sunhwa, and Seoul. What will non-celebrities do after graduating from Hanlim or Seoul Performing Arts?

2. [+239, -81] Your educational status won't be verified. It's just a school made for celebrities. I know this accurately because my dongsaeng is preparing for an arts school.

3. [+193, -24] The law says your educational status will be verified though. Are you all sure?
- [+78, -2] Yes your educational status will be verified. However, normal high schools are established with the education law of elementary/middle/high but middle schools and high schools with only verified status are established with the law of training institute. You will be considered a high school graduate but you might not get accepted to a university if the university only approves high schools established with the education law. Even if you study hard, you won't be able to go to those universities. If you want to go to a university, it's better to take qualification exams instead.

4. [+164, -13] Real arts high schools are places like Seoul Arts or Sunhwa. How can you say Hanlim and Seoul Performing Arts are arts high schools ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're just commercial high schools.

5. [+150, -0] Your educational status will be verified but it's hugely looked down by students studying arts. They don't even call it an arts high school.

6. [+140, -0] Hanlim Arts High School isn't an arts high school ㅋㅋ It's just a specialized high school. Only its name is an arts high school.

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