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Announcer Oh Sang Jin talks about how he almost lost his patriotism

I'm a very patriotic person. I believe that I exist because my country exists. However, there was a time where I almost lost my patriotism. I volunteered at overseas. On the day of my arrival at Nepal, the big earthquake hit the country. The earthquake caused 30,000 injured/deaths and 6 million people lost their home. People died and got buried. It was an emergency situation and I didn't even know if I could get on a plane to go back. Just then, I got a text from the diplomatic department that instructed me how to get help. It gave me the phone number of the consulate. I called the number desperately but they didn't pick up. I barely managed to get in touch with the diplomatic department, but they told me to call the ministry of transportation instead to get on a plane. I could only compare my situation to other countries. China was the first country to come and rescue their citizens. The second country was America. I couldn't get on a plane. I escaped by flying to Guangzhou and then to Seoul. It was a moment where I felt the country wasn't being responsible for the citizens' lives and safety.


Pann: A time when the announcer Oh Sang Jin almost lost his patriotism

1. [+118, -1] Do you think this only happens a few times? In this country, you have to expect to die if there's a natural disaster. You're dead if you're expecting the country to take actions. You have to protect your own life. It's a bitter reality that I'm living in this country.

2. [+91, -0] Seriously... I always feel that I have to protect my own body.

3. [+78, -1] How bitter... I'm embarrassed that I'm living in this country.

4. [+34, -1] I already knew our country's diplomatic department is hopeless but I'm surprised that China was the first country to take care of their citizens... We always talk about how uncivilized they are but they take care of their own citizens, at least. So frustrating.

5. [+25, -0] China is always criticized for their behavior but they look after their citizens... Can our country also do the same... I want to love my home country with my heart.

6. [+21, -0] There was a Korean wife and a British husband at the shopping mall terror in Nigeria. Britain got the news immediately and took actions while Korea wasn't even aware how things were going. So pathetic.

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