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Lovelyz's 'WoW!' comeback is weak?

Pann: Girl group that I wish to win #1 this time

1. [+141, -109] The chance of them winning #1 is only 10%

2. [+82, -22] Agreed. I'm a fan of their sunbae and I feel really bad. They also seem a bit anxious. I hope they win #1.

3. [+80, -35] What did Lovelyz do wrong? There are so many downvotes. I hope Lovelyz's new promotions do well!

4. [+57, -14] Objectively speaking, the fact that they were able to achieve this much as 8 girls that are just a little prettier than non-celebrities is amazing enough. Honestly, they have no strength compared to other groups.

5. [+43, -13] Sorry to the fans but the public won't buy this type of music. The reason why Twice, GFriend, Mamamoo, and Red Velvet are popular isn't because they're from big companies. It's because they have good songs.

6. [+40, -24] Their fans will forever rant about wanting to win #1 and then they group will end up disbanding.

7. [+28, -18] They were beaten by Twice last time and they're competing against Twice again ㅠㅠ

8. [+28, -5] The choruses of WoW and Destiny are the same.

9. [+27, -5] Hasn't it been 4 years since their debut? They debuted in 2014.

10. [+24, -16] Their fans have been talking about winning #1 since debut but their competitors Red Velvet, Twice, and GFriend are the ones that won #1 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It doesn't look nice when you're obsessed with winning #1.

11. [+23, -9] Lovelyz is flopping again ㅠㅠ

12. [+22, -4] Sorry but it seems too hard.


Pann: What's with Lovelyz's new song?

1. [+58, -7] The title track is a terrible choice... After this promotion, they should carefully choose the next title track. A song like Hi would get good responses but the new song sounds like Destiny with different lyrics. The b-sides seem OK but the title track... I know Yoon Sang's songs are good but for now, Lovelyz needs to bring public-friendly songs before minor songs.

2. [+50, -4] I seriously want to ask Yoon Sang and Woollim... Do they not care about making Lovelyz popular? This is such an important time, how can they bring this kind of song?

3. [+46, -3] I disliked the song as soon as I listened to it. I'm not a fan but I was interested in them. Hasn't it been a while since they debuted? They're not that special compared to other rising rookies... It's their most important time, why this song? Did they not have other song choices? ㅠㅠ I don't understand what the lyrics even mean. Why are they suddenly talking about who's pretty? I'll just say that they weren't aiming to win #1 but to experience music ㅠㅠ I guess winning #1 is not important, right...

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