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NCT Taeyong, Astro Eunwoo, and Seventeen Vernon as top 3 rookie visuals

Pann: The top 3 rookie visuals

(Pann asks which is the handsomest)

1. [+254, -193] Taeyong... It's not easy to look like that as a pure Korean.

2. [+222, -163] Taeyong doesn't look like a human being in this world.

3. [+205, -149] Taeyong for me~

4. [+175, -20] Eunwoo and Taeyong are all handsome but Vernon for me...

5. [+140, -19] Definitely Vernon. Taeyong and Eunwoo are also handsome but Vernon is my type.

6. [+125, -16] IAC archery man Choi Hansol...

7. [+115, -15] I personally think those three will follow TopLSiwan.

8. [+85, -3] Agreed. It's VerChaTae after TopLSiwan.

9. [+81, -2] The three of them are so handsome but if you like coldly handsome guys, Taeyong is your type. If you like warmly handsome guys, Cha Eunwoo is your type. Vernon is both.

10. [+77, -5] I'm not a fan of either of them but Vernon for me. He was amazing when he was playing archery at IAC.

11. [+60, -11] Cha Eunwoo

12. [+52, -6] Seventeen Vernon~

13. [+50, -14] Taeyong is so freaking handsome.

14. [+50, -3] The three of them need to be recorded on the genealogy of Korean idols.

15. [+48, -0] They're so distinct from each other, though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Eunwoo is physically attractive, innocently handsome, and pretty. Vernon is elf-looking and exotic. Taeyong has strong facial features and is handsome in an Asian way.

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