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History of Dispatch's "January 1st" dating news

2008 - Hyun Young & Kim Jong Min

"In 2008, we reported 'Hyun Young & Kim Jong Min' for the first time. At that time, we had reported so many dating news, but the companies denied them every time. They demanded proofs, so we decided to come up with proofs. But we've never taken photos and we didn't know how. We watched a foreign video where a paparazzi was saying "Hi Spears" and Britney Spears said hi back and waved towards the camera. So we decided to take photos openly like that. We went up to their car, knocked on the door, and asked, "Are you dating Hyun Young-ssi?" We were covering dating news as if we were interrogating them. Hyun Young and Kim Jong Min jumped and it became a mess. Like what he said on Radio Star, Kim Jong Min took our camera and smashed it to the ground. We realized that we shouldn't be covering it openly. Just like how an ordinary couple wouldn't want to be photographed, celebrities wouldn't be happy with it, either. Since then, we started to be careful. We started taking photos secretly to not offend them and asked the companies if they'd confirm the relationship."

2009 - Ivy & Kim Tae Sung (composer)

2010 - Kim Hye Soo & Yoo Hae Jin

2011 - Lee Na Young & Daniel Henney

"Up until 2008, we used to work for Sports Seoul. We left Sports Seoul to make our own press. We wanted to report the news that we wanted to report, and we figured that it would be hard to do it under the company. If you're associated with a certain press, you have to consider the profits for the company. You can earn money by writing about trending issues, publishing many articles, and gaining a lot of pageviews since most earnings come from ad revenues... (omitted)"

2012 - non

2013 - Kim Tae Hee & Rain

2014 - Lee Seunggi & Yoona

2015 - Lee Jung Jae & Im Se Ryung

2016 - Kim Junsu & Hani

2017 - non


Instiz: All dating news that Dispatch has reported on January 1

- Junsu's clothes and pose always make me laugh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cute

- Wow, that was already a year ago?

- Secretly taking pictures to not offend them? Wow...

- I didn't know that Lee Na Young and Daniel Henney had dated...

- Lee Na Young is amazing, I envy her ㅠㅠ

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