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Sechs Kies Ko Jiyong's cast in 'Return of the Superman'

Pann: Sechs Kies Ko Jiyong to appear on Return of the Superman?

1. [+103, -66] I don't understand why he doesn't promote in Sechs Kies but promotes on other broadcast.

2. [+83, -5] Legendary grad photo... If the quality was better, it would've looked like a modern photo.

3. [+80, -52] He said he's not gonna promote on the broadcast. He's contradicting himself.

4. [+28, -21] He's 100% an ajussi. Ajussi who has a chubby face with cheesy looks... He looks like his age.

5. [+27, -5] Sechs Kies promotions require dance practice, singing practice, and tough schedule. He doesn't have time for that. Return of the Superman is a daily life show and it's filmed for 2 days a week only. He can do parenting, create memories, and earn money at once.

6. [+22, -4] Ko Jiyong's interview: "I can't promote in Sechs Kies but I promised to be involved within my boundaries, so I decided to appear on the show. I hope to make many memories with my son and be a good dad." He's not in the position to be a full-time singer, what do you expect from him? He has his own job, he's not free to be a singer.

7. [+17, -15] He's not even a permanent cast, he's just on the show temporarily to make memories with his son. Harsh comments are unnecessary.

8. [+16, -0] For a man at his age who has a family, a child, and is economically active in the society, to be able to stay home for a few days with a 3-year-old son and earn money at the same time is a big merit. 

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