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Big 3's plans for next year

TVXQ's return will be a huge benefit. For Super Junior, Shindong and Sungmin enlisted this year and Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon will enlist in order. The SM artist line-up will be full, forming a "gold line-up". 2017 will be a year that all artists will be promoting from the legendary group TVXQ to the rookie group NCT. SES's comeback is also planned. EXO's "quad triple million seller" and "5-year daesang" titles are anticipated. NCT, who won a rookie award, will continue to promote actively in 2017 as NCT127. No additional debuts are planned after NCT.

Since TOP's enlistment, Bigbang's group promotions are not planned. But starting from Akdong Musician on January 3rd, the artists will continue to promote domestically. Sechs Kies is planned to release new songs in January and April with an encore concert. Winner is now 4 members, iKON is doing well in Japan, and Black Pink won a rookie award. They will have new domestic releases in 2017. Label artists like PSY and Epik High will also continue with their production work.

GOT7 and Twice managed to change the generation successfully. In 2017, they will grow and expand with international promotions. Miss A Suzy's solo debut is planned in January. Before 2PM enlists, they will continue to promote actively with dramas and concerts. The "trusted" artists like Baek Ah Yeon, Baek Yerin, and Park Jimin will also have promotions. DAY6 will also promote in 2017 with the focus of expansion. No group debuts are planned.


Instiz: [2017 music industry] SM, YG, JYP, their announced plans for next year

- SM will suck everything out of my bank account again!

- TVXQ's return will make SM happy enough

- DAY6's comeback, please...

- Where are the female SM Rookies...

- Twice will become so much bigger...

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