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A group with one popular member will always flop?

Pann: The reason why groups with one popular member flops

(Pann talks about how promoting only one member makes the group flop due to the popularity imbalance)

1. [+181, -6] But Suzy is a unique case. It's not like JYP promoted Suzy only... When they debuted, JYP promoted Min more. With Jokwon, she was called Kkab Min and was on Quiz to Change The World and Happy Together. But she didn't become as popular as they expected... After that, Suzy starred in a movie by chance and that one appearance left a big impact ㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's how it started..

2. [+111, -2] Chaeyeon. Kwang Soo keeps putting her in package deals but her group is never becoming popular.

3. [+90, -10] Am I the only one who thought of Cha Eunwoo?

4. [+72, -0] Honestly, I like how SM is good at this stuff... Even if one member becomes popular, they don't just promote the particular member. Their planning skill is amazing.

5. [+65, -0] When Eunji got really popular, she got so many CF offers but the company rejected them unless it was a group CF ㅋㅋ That's why her CFs were much less than the rest of the cast after Reply 1997. After that, Nonono was released and Apink became popular.

6. [+63, -0] I thought of Hyuna as soon as I read it... I think 4Minute was made to promote Hyuna

7. [+63, -4] Girl's Day is the opposite case. The company takes good care of the group.

8. [+60, -1] I think EXID is a good case. After Hani hit daebak, they didn't disappear like Crayon Pop. They were constantly on the broadcast, Solji went on Best Mask Singer, and kept releasing new songs like Ah Yeah, Hot Pink, and L.I.E. As a result, Hani got popular, Solji got popular, and the group got popular.

9. [+49, -0] It reminded me of Block B Zico right away

10. [+48, -4] Laboum, WJSN, Astro, KNK, Block B, and Momoland are the cases

11. [+46, -0] WJSN Sungso... She's not that popular yet but she already has an individual CF

12. [+37, -15] BTOB is amazing when it comes to this

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