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12 photos summarizing Korea's 2016

January - Reply 1988

February - Filibuster of Anti-Terrorism Act

March - Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo

April - 4.13 General Election

May - Murder of a woman at Gangnam Station

June - Brexit

July - Pokemon Go

August - Rio Olympics

September - Earthquake at Gyeongju

October - JTBC finds Choi Soon Sil's tablet PC

November - Candlelight protest

December - President impeached


Instiz: 12 photos summarizing 2016

- Wow, time flies... I feel like it was last week when I watched Reply 1988

- One year passes so fast...

- Hul, Lee Sedol and AlphaGo was in March? Time flies

- Ugh, Park Geun Hye took over the entire end of the year ㅋㅋㅋ

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