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YG's tricks

Bigbang's 'MADE' album was supposed to be released in September last year but it has not been released yet

iKON's full album that was planned on Nov 2nd was delayed twice and got released on Dec 24 instead

After a lot of criticisms for their inconsistency, they changed their method

They chose not to specify the dates

Winner's 'EXIT' album was a yearly project and was supposed to be released 4 times this year but only E got released

They got more criticisms for failing the plans and changed their method again

They chose not to specify the year

So far, the first part of AkMu's album (上) is released but we never know when the other part (下) will be released

YG came up with something again

No indication of any dates

However, there's one thing that's on time from YG

Article: Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk, Yoo Hee Yeol 'K-Pop Star 6 thumbs up'


Instiz: YG is even using tricks

- What's wrong with them... Fans are losing trust...

- It's easier to give up... Just think that they're preparing something cooler

- Poor fans but also poor artists... How are they gonna earn if they don't promote?

- 2016 is almost ending and yet Winner...ugh

- Bigbang must have a comeback before they enlist

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