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Chanyeol's birthday ad found to be cut by someone

Pann: Who did this? This is a subway ad

(DC Gallery users also messaged the picture to Chanyeol's Instagram)

1. [+259, -4] I don't know if they're rich but Seoul Station is currently checking the situation. I hope they have a lot of money.

(It costs $10,000~15,000 to put a subway ad)

2. [+213, -5] I don't know if it was a fan or a non-fan but someone fixed the ad. I feel more bad. I just hope the person gets caught and fined. I don't think it'll make me feel any better even if they get fined. As a fan, I have to see my bias' neck part cut like that. Who'll be happy?

3. [+199, -4] They cut the ad with a cross mark. It's definitely done on purpose and they must be punished. How can they cut his neck part like that? Are they even human?

4. [+97, -2] Are they a fucking psychopath? How can they even think of cutting a birthday ad?

5. [+55, -0] Again??

(DC Gallery user insulting an upset EXO-L)

6. [+43, -0] I went to Seoul Station today to exchange money. The ad was fine until 3PM. At a nearby spot, there was also IOI Mina so I went to look at her ad. After a few steps, I also saw Chanyeol's ad. If you want to check the CCTV, look after 3PM. Fans must be very upset.

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