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Sulli's wrist injury

I hope people here aren't naive and think Sulli's wrist is a simple injury. Just now, there was a new article on an interview of Seoul University Hospital's rep. Sulli was completely drunk when she was admitted. They asked if she attempted a suicide and she said no. But when people are drunk and lose control, they tend to make momentary mistakes. Think logically. If it was just a wrist dislocation, do you think the doctor will ask if it was a suicide attempt? An exclusive article by Chosun Ilbo says her wrist was ripped by 5cm, it's not a simple injury. The reason why Sulli posted a selca while looking lax is because she managed to change Choiza's mind. Isn't it obvious that a guy would go back to his girlfriend if she's trying to commit suicide?


Pann: I think this is the truth about Sulli...

1. [+118, -32] She herself said it's not true, why are you guys so sure about it? Were you in Sulli's head? Are you a fortune teller? A ghost? Believe her own words.

2. [+104, -15] I used to work in the entertainment industry for a bit... According to what I've heard and seen, I can't help but think that Sulli's honesty is more normal than other female idols who are two-faced...

3. [+85, -20] She has the face, height, body, and everything. But why her mental...

4. [+40, -3] It's random but this is the reality for people with the physiognomy of hers... The opposite sex they end up with is really crappy people and they even try to commit suicide for those... Why is her life like this

5. [+31, -3] When the witness account was first posted on MLBPARK, they said Sulli looked like she was mentally hurt.

6. [+27, -2] But it does look like a suicide attempt. How can your left wrist get ripped by 5cm to the point where you can see the tendon? Left wrist, dawn, drunk, home... ㅠㅠ Whether it was a suicide attempt or not, it must've hurt a lot ㅠㅠ Let's just cheer for her.


Pann: Sulli tried to commit suicide

1. [+196, -14] Her wrist was cut to the point to reveal the tendon... It was done in a "dawn" by "accident"... No wonder why people think it's a suicide attempt.

2. [+164, -28] Honestly, do you think a careless accident can rip a wrist by 5cm? How can you explain this besides a suicide attempt ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+126, -8] You can see Choson Ilbo's exclusive article if you search "Sulli 5cm"

4. [+87, -3] You can't say it was carelessness when Choiza's reps said they "can't reveal the reason since it's personal"... Wouldn't they normally say it was a "simple injury"?

5. [+54, -0] The most useless thing is to worry about celebrities

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