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Controversy on BTS winning daesang over EXO continues on Pann + DO's message to fans

Pann: Melon album daesang, objective comparisons between BTS & EXO

1. [+760, -169] Wow, I'm not a fan but I'm getting upset... What's wrong with Melon

2. [+748, -149] I was sure that EXO would win the album daesang...

3. [+688, -149] Read this if you have eyes

4. [+303, -263] BTS' daesang is a legendary shame

5. [+284, -17] Do you guys know that the criteria for the artist award and the album award are the same? ㅋㅋ How can EXO not win the album award when they won the artist award? It's unfair.

6. [+255, -21] Seems like Melon frauds didn't want to give out two awards to them

7. [+205, -11] Hurray for Genie


Pann: The reason why BTS won a daesang

(Pann talks about how EXO's award was robbed)

1. [+447, -195] They're pitiful too, their first daesang is an unfair daesang ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+392, -191] Armys are brainwashing themselves by saying the results will remain ㅠㅠ

3. [+365, -301] Are BTS and their fans embarrassed yet? Congrats on the daesang!

4. [+151, -100] !-!

"Why are you stealing EXO's?"

5. [+132, -19] I've never seen a daesang awardee that was this controversial

6. [+188, -18] Every result shows that EXO deserved the album award but BTS fans are closing their eyes and ears and are threatening to sue them ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Pann: Controversial idols who got their award robbed

1. [+424, -42] In case they demand a source, the results are from reliable Melon ^^

2. [+414, -97] EXO is ahead in terms of digital sales, physical sales, votes, and everything. Yet BTS fans are claiming that it was fair. Don't call yourselves a fan of a daesang artist.

3. [+375, -313] Armys have no manners. Get what you deserve.

4. [+141, -6] BTS was a nominee by the digital sales of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life because it did better than Wings. Don't say that the two albums were combined for the results. It was The Most Beautiful Moment in Live vs EX'ACT and EX'ACT had better results and more votes. But BTS won the award.

5. [+124, -3] Did I vote everyday just to see this? I feel ashamed.

6. [+111, -5] BTS is not at fault. They also looked flustered. Fucking Melon.


Pann: Did you see this? What DO said to fans

(DO mouthed "Don't cry")


1. [+305, -16] I really liked it when you said "EXO will always be well-mannered" at the end of the winning speech. I really like how you EXO shows it with actions. You're like the Big Dipper that's in the sky for all four seasons. I love you EXO.

2. [+298, -6] It makes me more sad because it's DO ㅠㅠ He barely does this because he's a cold person...

3. [+295, -5] He said "Please don't cry" not "Don't cry".

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