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11 most successful idol groups in history?

1) HOT
The icon of idol culture. They had the biggest fandom in history and officially started the idol culture.

2) Sechs Kies
The only rival of HOT. "HOT vs. Sechs Kies"

3) god
They became a national idol group from the fanbase of teenagers and 20's. They were the most public-friendly idol group. Their hit songs were national and their physical sales are the biggest in idol history.

4) Shinhwa
The icon of long-run. The ultimate role models of idols. Other groups such as god and Sechs Kies took a long time for comeback, but Shinhwa had no hiatus or disbandment and always stayed at the top.

5) Fin.K.L
They were the first girl group to win a daesang and to hold more than 2 big concerts. Their second album had 6 hit songs. Unofficial records show that they were the only girl group that was a million seller.

6) SES
The first case to show that a girl group can be successful. They were essentially the start of girl group era. Similar to HOT and Sechs Kies, it was Fin.K.L vs SES.

After the first generation groups (HOT, god, SES, Shinhwa, Fin.K.L, etc), the idol market had died and TVXQ revived the market perfectly. Their official fans were 800K and it was a Guinness record. They were also the most selling foreign artist in the history of Oricon. The start of hallyu and the start and icon of second generation idols.

8) Bigbang
All-time number 1 group. They're the representative star of K-Pop and they go beyond Asia. They had the biggest scale of a world tour in history and their Korean concert had the biggest audience in history. On a monthly digital chart, they were #1 for 8 times (biggest result with Wonder Girls). Their public recognition is just as big as their fandom.

9) Wonder Girls
They were the most loved artist on the digital chart in the past 10 years and they're still producing hit songs. The girl group to have been #1 on a weekly chart the most. The artist to have been #1 on a monthly chart the most. The girl group to have the biggest number of listeners in 24 hours. It's been 10 years and they're still topping on the chart as a national girl group. The music industry was dominated by sad ballads and they introduced a new trend of hook songs. Since then, they led the idol market with Bigbang. They were also the first Korean artist to chart on Billboard.

10) Girls' Generation
They're beyond the best girl group in Korean music history. On music shows, they've won #1 more than 100 times. They're the most liked idol group in various polls. They also had the biggest scale of a girl group's world tour. They're Records Generation.

11) EXO
They still have to prove more and their public recognition lacks compared to the groups above. But since TVXQ, Bigbang, Wonder Girls, and SNSD, there was no major hit until EXO. Their legendary fandom keeps setting new records and they're a constant million seller. They're achieving something that didn't seem possible in this era.

Next possible candidates: Twice, BTS


Instiz: The most successful idol groups top 11 since the appearance of idols in the industry

- I miss TVXQ ㅠㅠ

- Bigbang raised YG to where they are now. They're legendary...

- SuJu! I remember writing a test and struggling because I kept hearing Sorry Sorry in my head

- SM is amazing

- I think B2ST should be there. When the big 3 was dominating the industry, they won a daesang for 2 years

- They were indeed the biggest impacts

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