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Which girl group would you like to join?

Pann: Which girl group would you like to join?

1. [+219, -49] Apink

2. [+145, -41] Mamamoo. They look really close like a family. I want to join them...

3. [+131, -52] Definitely Red Velvet! I like how they have Red and Velvet concepts and they're so cute and fresh ㅠㅠ Their aura and vibes are my type.

4. [+59, -8] SNSD

5. [+52, -15] I want to feel Twice or Black Pink's popularity

6. [+50, -44] GFriend. They look like they're fun.

7. [+48, -19] Apink... They're popular.

8. [+41, -10] Apink ㅠㅠ The members are so funny and Naeun used to be quiet but she became so bright with the members. They look so friendly.

9. [+39, -8] Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, IOI, or Black Pink for me! I'd be so happy to be a member of either group. Honestly, my favorite groups are SNSD and f(x) but their levels are too high for me to imagine myself in them...

10. [+38, -12] Lovelyz. Their concept is totally my style ㅠㅠ

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