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Voting for awards should be cancelled?

Pann: I really want voting for awards to be cancelled

(Pann talks about how voting leads to fanwars and depends on fandom power)

1. [+132, -0] I personally want to see festivals, not award shows. It's so stressful how there are always voting wars and fandom fights at the end of the year...

2. [+107, -0] I don't care about voting but voting for MAMA is the shittiest. They rarely count voting and yet you can use unlimited IDs to vote, so it's really hard.

3. [+84, -48] It's indeed hopeless but it's not a wrongdoing to have a big fandom ㅋㅋ Having a big fandom automatically leads to strong digital sales, physical sales, and voting results. How are you gonna distribute the awards without considering digital sales, physical sales, and votes?

4. [+41, -0] Of course idols with many fans will win #1, what else can there be done? Voting, physical sales, and digital sales all depend on the size of the fandom. A big fandom solves everything. And we've already passed the era where we judge purely by the music. In the past, artists like Cho Yong Pil and Kim Gun Mo won #1 but now, it's all about idols.

5. [+36, -2] I also want my bias to win an award but it's honestly a meaningless fight... I just want judges to evaluate the artists based on the results or make it festivals with a lot of collaborated stages. Sometimes, you even have to pay to vote, it's hopeless.

6. [+28, -3] But an artist might have a big fandom because they deserve it, don't they?

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