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Mukbang BJ BANZZ stops his live show after hearing a woman screaming

He had finished eating and was about to eat dessert

Suddenly, he heard a woman screaming

He became flustered and left his room

He came back and turned off his live streaming


Pann: A woman screaming during BANZZ's live streaming

1. [+100, -0] I don't know who he is but what he did was nice... No one knows what could've happened if he ignored it.

2. [+95, -1] His Youtube link

"Hello, I'm BANZZ. Because I turned off my live show suddenly yesterday, I got a lot of calls from my fans, friends, and even journalists. I'm briefly going to explain what happened. During the show, I heard a woman screaming from the stairs and it was a couple fighting. I went outside to check. Although it wasn't my business, I thought it wasn't something that I should ignore. I had to tell the viewers that I was turning off the streaming and stopped the show. I went out again and tried to stop the couple's fight, but I happened to get into a physical fight with the guy. I went to a police station with him in the dawn. Sorry for those who were worried and thank you."

3. [+92, -5] He's nice... A lot of people pretend like they don't see anything and ignore in that situation.

4. [+62, -6] 90% of the Korean men are bugs, he's one of the 10% gems...

5. [+40, -0] After that day, he had scars around his eyes and they were swollen when he was live streaming... The viewers asked him what happened to his eyes but he ate without answering the question... I think he got beat up while stopping the couple.

6. [+33, -0] BJs like him should be rewarded. I think BJs that do good deeds like him should be rewarded instead of the BJs that bring provocative and issued contents.

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