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Boy groups that were once the top group



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Pann: Boy groups that were once the top group

1. [+332, -158] Infinite's specs are lacking to be included in this

2. [+228, -27] 5 out of 8 are from SM. SM is amazing indeed...

3. [+192, -25] B2ST won 3 daesangs. Their first daesang was 2 years after their debut. Their results are great as a group from a small company.

4. [+97, -2] B2ST is the only group from a small company. At that time, people even said Cube isn't a small company anymore. But Cube's work is worse than all small companies ^^ I'm so proud of B2ST.

5. [+83, -0] The fact that B2ST won 3 daesangs is undeniable. You want them to return their daesangs or what?

6. [+82, -15] I know there are a lot of Inspirits on Pann but it's a big reach to include Infinite here

7. [+80, -0] TVXQ's Mirotic, Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, Bigbang's Haru Haru, Lies, and other hit songs, 2PM's Heartbeat and Again & Again, SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, B2ST's Fiction, and EXO's Growl. I'm not from HOT era so I only know Candy and Descendants of Warrior from them. I think groups reach the top after 2 years of debut. The groups were so amazing at the time. Not just teens, but even adults knew them well... Their fandoms grew really big as they were at their peak. There are many trendy groups but to become a top group, they also need physical sales, digital sales, and public recognition. They're all amazing but B2ST became so successful despite coming from a small company Cube...

8. [+71, -2] It makes me speechless how people on Pann praise rookie groups with no popularity but put down groups like SuJu, 2PM, TVXQ, B2ST, and Bigbang ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+55, -4] B2ST's On Rainy Days in 2011 is a fucking legendary song

10. [+53, -2] We can sing their songs just by reading the lyrics. "I just said I love you" "You want me, you fall for me, you go crazy over me" "Sorry sorry sorry sorry" "I'm so sorry but I love you, it's all lies" "Listen to my heartbeat for you" "Ring ding dong ring ding dong" "Once again, I'm fiction fiction" "I growl, growl, growl"

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