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Suzy & Park Bogum get compared to IU's controversies

Pann: Suzy can't act either, why is IU the only one getting hate?

1. [+321, -108] Honestly, I think Suzy can't act either but compared to IU, Suzy is better. Besides, Suzy's current visual is an actress visual, so she looks less awkward on the screen.

2. [+289, -105] How can you say Suzy's acting is good ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both of them are below average. But Suzy has a likeable image whereas IU has a ton of antis, so the amount of hate they get is different.

3. [+215, -260] Suzy can act though. Why are you dragging her to defend IU's poor acting?

4. [+96, -29] Let me tell you the truth. It's because Suzy is a goddess ㅋㅋ

5. [+92, -74] Suzy is good at emotional acting, people just have a stereotype on her. Her pronunciation needs more work but her visual is great in close-ups. IU's current drama has a lot of face close-ups, so she's getting more criticisms on her lacking looks. It's too bad that she doesn't have acting skills to cover up her looks like Gong Hyo Jin. Do you not remember the hate Suzy got when Uncontrollably Fond started to air? But a lot of comments called her pretty because she's indeed pretty. She's still gaining new fans because she's promoting Uncontrollably Fond everyday. I don't like how you're dragging other celebrity because your bias is in trouble. You should be supporting your bias and the other actors in the drama instead.

6. [+90, -15] Suzy also got a lot of hate... Are you not on Naver?

7. [+88, -4] Look at the title, "Suzy can't act, why is IU only getting hate" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Suzy is much better than IU objectively.

8. [+83, -16] Suzy is decent, she doesn't overact. She's not good at emotional acting but she's OK with everyday scenes. IU is awkward in both.

9. [+69, -4] Because Suzy doesn't open her eyes wide and overact.

10. [+61, -27] The OP is downvoting comments that praise Suzy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+58, -5] I don't like Suzy but her acting is decent and she has an actress face. IU's acting is cringe-worthy and she doesn't have a face for acting. I don't know what the hell IU is doing.

12. [+46, -45] Suzy is good at acting though?


Pann: IU is getting hate, why isn't Park Bogum getting hate?

(Pann compares Park Bogum's shota pictorial & IU's lolita controversy)

1. [+244, -72] Do IU fans think IU is still getting hate for that? It's that she can't act!!!!!!!!!! Her acting!!!!!!!!!

2. [+221, -28] Park Bogum was indeed wrong with it but IU has much more controversies on it... Besides, IU is getting hate because she can't act. Park Bogum can act.

3. [+170, -34] How many celebrities do you think are aware of lolita? They don't even know about pictorial details until they arrive at the studio. You think he can just bail?

4. [+86, -11] Park Bogum and other idols are directed by producers and their companies whereas IU did the entire production on her own. She earned money from it and didn't even apologize. Do you think it's the same thing, you stupid IU stan? You guys are worse than IU. I almost threw my phone when I saw someone saying "the photographer Rotta isn't going to jail so lolita isn't a crime." Shield what you can shield, idiots.

5. [+85, -3] Park Bogum's shota pictorial was a top Pann and I commented and said I was disappointed with him. He got a lot of hate at that time. Why are you comparing this to IU though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Baby bottle & fishnet stockings vs a single picture. I just saw another post that asked why Suzy isn't getting hate for her bad acting. Are you summoning everyone? Uaenas are amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Summon them at once instead of going around and doing this.

6. [+74, -2] IU said herself that she was the main producer and her album was a lolita concept. It's completely different from a pictorial that he wasn't too aware of.

7. [+56, -67] What the hell is that? I've never seen the picture before, it's obviously shota. I hate IU, I can't believe Park Bogum also did this. He must've known what he was doing. Both are disgusting.

8. [+51, -2] Park Bogum's picture was a pictorial, he had to do as his company told him to do. IU composed and wrote her songs and gave ideas for her photos. You can't compare them.

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