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Apink's popularity is decreasing?

Pann: Apink's popularity is decreasing

1. [+156, -16] What's pitiful about Apink and Girl's Day is that there's a plenty of rookie girl groups nowadays so they should've focused on Korean promotions to keep their fans and popularity, but they focused on overseas promotions too much ㅠㅠ I feel so bad because Apink is likeable.

2. [+151, -119] Apink is a has-been. There's a lot of rookie groups like Apink so they don't really have a merit.

3. [+142, -36] Also, rookie girl groups are rising right now

4. [+91, -11] Rather than their fandom power... isn't their song mediocre? And their style barely changed since debut.

5. [+75, -22] The song isn't good. Even Remember was better.

6. [+64, -20] The song is bad. It's not catchy and it doesn't leave an impact.

7. [+53, -16] The song is just bad

8. [+39, -39] At first, I thought the song doesn't leave an impact but the song is growing on me. The harmony and the song's structure are new and they don't get tiring. Rather than idol hook songs, the song is relaxing like old singers' songs, which I really like. This is my favorite Apink album so far. It might get mixed opinions but after a few listens, you'll realize that the song is a gem. It's not relying on the hook or catchy words. It's centered on the melody and the lyrics and is bland like home food, I like it. I think people find this type of song boring because they're so used to hook songs. This is the best Apink album for me.

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