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'Ssul Jeon' discussion on why so many male idols get into scandals

Q) Why do so many first generation male idols get into scandals?

Kim Gura: "They don't know a thing when they're in a company. But once they leave, they become fearless. It's like they reach late puberty. Being free from a company can make them loosen up mentally. It leads to their controversies."

Heo Ji Woong: "The idol system under entertainment companies originated in Japan. Girl groups have a very short period of expectancy. Whether it's marriage, acting, or variety shows, female idols tend to choose their paths quickly. But male idols are relaxed because they think they have a long period of expectancy. When it comes to boy groups, it's either a disbandment or a long-run."

Kim Gura: "Most controversies are related to drinking and gambling. If you drink, you have a higher chance of meeting scammers."

Park Ji Yoon: "Female idols are free from those drinking and gambling temptations as long as they don't date a weird guy!"

Kim Gura: "Female idols are indeed not associated with gambling."


Instiz: Kim Gura analyzes why male idols get into a lot of scandals

- I think it's true that boy groups have a longer period of expectancy than girl groups

- I really agree with the notion of late puberty... I heard that a lot of idols don't know how the world is like so they tend to fall for tricks ㅠㅠ

- If you drink, you really do have a higher chance of meeting bad people

- They lose their rookie mindset, that's all

- Now that I think of it, I can barely remember female idols causing drunk driving or gambling ㅋㅋㅋ

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