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Seo Shin Ae & Hwan Hee receive hateful comments from EXO-Ls

MC: "Who's your favorite artist?"
Shin Ae: "I like EXO oppars a lot, but my type is Akdong Musician."

International EXO-Ls leaving hateful comments on her Instagram

Shin Ae's Instagram: "They don't even know about me that well but they hate me too easily. Life isn't easy. It's impossible to make everyone to like me. I shouldn't get hurt by those who don't know me. I tell this to myself every time but I really don't understand it. There are manners for each other and a line you shouldn't cross. You guys crossed it."

She deleted her Instagram later

Hwan Hee: "I like EXO, but my favorite is BTS."

Korean EXO-Ls:

"I didn't watch the show because I was at a study room, but I get that Happy Together just released a legendary controversy. "Hwan Hee is young"? She's not ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're treating a 15-year-old like a 7-year-old. Since she's a BTS fan, she mentioned BTS to shit on EXO."

"Hwan Hee-ya, shut your mouth... I can't like her since she's a BTS fan. Oh well, our paths are different..."

"What the fuck, shut the hell up, Hwan Hee."

"Stop mentioning that shitty BTS and you don't have to like EXO, fucking bitch."


Instiz: Seo Shin Ae deletes her Instagram due to EXO fans' hateful comments

- Those EXO-Ls must know that EXO members will hear about this

- Just how many times have things gone wrong like this? This is why no one dares to mention EXO on broadcast

- I'm ashamed as an EXO fan. I want to apologize on behalf...

- So she can't mention her favorite artists freely or what?

- I'm getting goosebumps at how the fans are worried about the fandom's image instead of the victims

- It's not like everybody has to like EXO. What's wrong with them?

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