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Chinese idols support China's false sea claims

Victoria's Instagram: #China cannot become any smaller

China is currently claiming the circled part of the South China Sea for its resources. Vietnam, Philippines, and other affected countries are opposing China's claim. The court ruled that China has no historical rights to claim the sea. Chinese people are resisting the ruling and is posting a hashtag with "China cannot become any smaller".

EXO Lay also participated in it

The area China is claiming includes a Korean island Ieodo aka Socotra Rock

Miss A Fei & Jia

Fiestar Cao Lu

Comments on Yoona's Instagram:


Pann: Chinese celebrities' controversial SNS

1. [+409, -13] As expected of Chinese ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ugh, people were praising about how Victoria was beyond an average Chinese but it was a bull.

2. [+397, -3] How can they claim that Philippines' land is theirs ㅋㅋ The international court already sided with Philippines. China is reaching.

3. [+377, -4] SM is indeed backstabbed. F(x) won't be able to hold concerts in Southeast Asia anymore~ The best thing to do with these political issues is staying quiet. I guess Victoria is planning to promote in China for the rest of her life.

4. [+147, -2] If that's their mentality, they must support the Northeast Project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Doesn't everybody know that China is aiming to absorb the Korean peninsula? They're even planning the aftermath of Korean unification. China is the most dangerous one and it's severe. Besides, they're celebrities who debuted in Korea. How is this not related to them ㅋㅋ This must be a unique characteristic of Chinese people. Even at my school, Chinese students have no solution.

5. [+142, -5] Isn't it the same as a Japanese celebrity claiming that Dokdo is a Japanese island?

6. [+128, -1] How in the world does China own the South China Sea? And if they rule that it's indeed China's, our country will also be affected negatively.

7. [+103, -5] Chinese people are all like that ㅋㅋ Only 5% of the Chinese population is non-Sinocentric.

8. [+85, -0] Even Cao Lu posted it. Now we only have Jackson and Lay left.

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