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Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee gets caught with prostitution

Pann: Samsung Lee Kun Hee's controversial prostitution

1. [+729, -5] Newstapa is brave. We need to pay attention to this news to support them.

2. [+479, -8] I read a comment on Facebook that said his company is called Samsung because he bought sex ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (sam = bought, sung = sex)

3. [+371, -7] SS electronics

4. [+248, -6] I read a statement from Samsung and it made me think that Lee Kun Hee was thrown out by his children. One of his kids must be smiling as this news is making headlines. At least they should've attempted to stop the news but their statement sounded like, "Oh, we heard the news and we didn't know that it was true." It's like Lee Kun Hee doesn't belong to Samsung anymore. And why is this video being spread when it was filmed long time ago?

5. [+191, -2] I'm so fascinated that I'm hearing news of Lee Kun Hee getting laid ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+166, -14] Apple also displayed Dokdo as Japan. We only have LG left.

7. [+163, -2] What if the woman gets buried in a mountain or something ㅋㅋ He must know who filmed it.

8. [+138, -5] Do you think other companies don't do this? They're all the same.

9. [+136, -15] Men become dirtier as they succeed. Women become dirtier as they fail.

10. [+136, -5] Even a lot of average men do a lot of prostitution, it must be worse for rich guys. Lee Kun Hee is the only one caught, he's the peak of an iceberg.

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